How To Create Google Plus Pages For Blog

Last Updated:09/04/2017

Google+ Plus is a brand and the best way of marketing your blog. But most of the bloggers like you and me treat our personal page as the brand page, but it is not good. You have to create Google Plus Page Free for your blog.

In this Ultimate Updated Guide, you will learn about creating google plus business/brand page with pictures. You can check TechBySuman Google+ Page here.

create google plus business page
How To Create Google Plus Brand Page Free For Blog

While creating in Google+ page, it works like a page that you can share anything by Enabling Google Plus(discussed below). Here you can add your services and collections and much more

Step by Step Guide to Create a Google Plus Brand pages:

How to create google plus page
Click on Google+ for yout brand

For Newbie:

Go to your personal plus profile and click on Goolge+ for your Brand that presents at the right down after Setting as shown in Picture or you can directly go this link by logging your Gmail account.
google pages for business
Click Create Google+ Page

The link opens a new window, Click on Create Google+Page.

Name Your Brand Page:

Once you clicked on it, it opens a New Page, enter the Page Name in Brand Account Name field and Click Create.

create google plus brand page
click create google plus brand page

Your Google Plus business page will be created and on the Next Page. It asks you to enable Google Plus for your brand, Click On Enable.

create google plus business page
Click on Enable

Now your Brand Page is created with default Profile Pic and Cover Pic. Change it with your brand logo. To do so, Click on profile and a new window will be opened with aboutme.google.com. I suggest you enter all the details and you should enter your brand page description. Check privacy of your details twice.

Image Dimensions for Cover and Profile Photo

Here are the Image dimensions of Google Plus Brand Cover and profile photo:
  • The maximum size of the cover image can be of 2120 x 1192 px
  • The minimum size of the cover image must be more than 480 x 270 pix
  • The size of the profile picture is still of 250 x 250 pix
Here is how your Google Plus Brand Page Looks Like

google plus page free looks like
TechBySuman Google Plus Page View

Explanation about Google+ Plus Page Tab Section

In the tab section, you find the tabs like
In this section, you find all the posts from your favourite following pages and your postings that can be modified.
In this section, you find "Featured" which is suggested or trending on Google plus.
Following You will see your following pages here.
Yours: You can check your collection of posts here.
Google Plus shows a recommended for your brand pages that you can join in their community.
You can edit your page here and create collections of your posts.
Here you can find people in different categories.
Find People: Shows suggestions based on your following pages.
Following: Can create a circle and shows the pages that you are already following.
Followers: You can see the followers of your page.
You can create events for your brand page.
Shows your all notifications from Google Plus.
Changing settings for circle, general, photos and much more.
9. Send Feedback
Yes, You can send feedback about your issue to Google Plus Team with Screenshot that is optional.
Which will open a new window with support for Creating Google Plus Brand Page to all others queries?

If you own multiple pages, you can simply switch by clicking on profile drop down at you wall.

Okay, Your Brand Google Plus Page has been Created successfully and you know that SEO is easy for getting top in Google Search Results?

You can check more details about creating Google Plus Brand Page official link of Google.

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