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How to Get Adsense Approval for Blogger

Last Updated:25/09/2019

Are you searching for the query on how to qualify for Adsense with a new Blogger blog? So you are the right place to find and get accepted from Google Adsense approval team.
blogger adsense approval trick
How to Get Adsense Approval for Blogger

How to Qualify for AdSense through Blogger:

Google Adsense is a Best Contextual Ads paying program for Bloggers. 

Every blogger dream is placed ads of a blogger as it shows relevant content matching ads and user interest-based ads to get high CTR(Click-Through-Rate) and Make Money Online.

But every blogger remains the same question and think to be Approved within a Short-Time.

For Newbie:

Quality Content

You may start research online, but these are rocking steps to approved. You may try for re-applying and get rejected. 

Check reason from Adsense Team in your mail with low-quality content or sometimes design matters on Approval.

And most of the bloggers use as a platform as it FREE (even me used at first). 

But Is Adsense approval your blog for showing ads for Blogspot Users? Definitely, Yes!

 But getting  Approved fast is not that easy because it has strict rules and regulations about account approval.

One of them is Blogspot user Blog should be minimum six months old but it's not genuine. Adsense need Publishers, Right?. 

If you have a quality blog or website with Quality Content with Design. You can get Approved in a short time period.

Start Research on Best Quality Content Writing tips or Hire a FreeLancer if you can spend.

Learn Content Writing tricks online and try testing with different posts. Conclude when it works for you. Go on with same steps.

Social Fan Pages for Blog

Create Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Pages for your blog and input your blog web address in pages. 

Show social icons for following your Fan Pages.

Add floating social sharing icons for better user experience. Use AddThis is a free tool for floating share icons that used on my Blog too. Share this post.

Create a logo for your blog to think that you are serious about blogging because they verify each account manually for approval.

Adsense Common Questions You May Have:

  • How can I make Google Adsense account?
  • How do I get Adsense approval on my blog?
  • How to qualify Approval Fast? 
  • How to Create Google Adsense Account?
  • How to qualify for AdSense through blogger

    Minimum Posts

    This is a blogger Adsense approval trick for a New Blog. So, check out to have minimum posts of (20+) on your blog with quality content and design. With a custom domain, the approval chances are so high.


    We are  Blogspot users.
    So, most of the times Google Adsense Intelligence Team rejects your account with a default theme and settings.

     So, customize your blog theme.

    Below step is most important:

    You may find Google Adsense account approval trick with HTML code on some websites. Ads will be displayed with your publisher ID but when a visitor clicks on an ad, you don't get any earning.

    So, There is NO Blogger  Adsense Approval Trick and you don't get any earnings on using it too.

    Qualify for  AdSense through blogger is easy by following this steps.

    How To Get Adsense Account Approved for Blogspot/Blogger:

    1. Sign up for Adsense using Google apps like
    2. Create Pages like About, Contact, Privacy, Disclaimer, Terms and conditions and more if you can. 
    3. Be sure your blog looks like a Professional Website.
    4. Have at least 15-20 posts with High-Quality Content.
    5.  (Don't copy the content from others as it illegal and can claim a complaint on you)
    6. Don't use Copyrighted images on Blog Posts. If you are using images from Google Images, go back and delete them immediately. 
    7. Be sure your sidebar looks clean and professional.
    8. Create Social Media Pages and Community.
    9. Every single post has to be a minimum of 600 to 1000 words for more chances. 
    10. Apply for Adsense and Enjoy!
    11. But  Google Adsense Approvals are most for at least 20+ posts in Blog. (In my view)
     If rejected, reapply until it gets approved. You know even I got after 6 re-submissions.

     Try to do more re-submissions. This Post has Adsense policies according to the date of the last updated of the post. 

    But Adsense may change their policies any time. So Be check their policies regularly.

    So, You got Google Adsense approval and qualified but How to Get your Site Top on Google Search Results? 

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    What are the reasons in emails you are getting from AdSense for rejected?
    Let me know in the comments below.
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